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Is your prediabetes reversible?


Since prediabetes is caused by diet, YOU have the ability to reverse it with diet! Since reversing prediabetes is under your control, don't be fooled by claims for magic substances that can effortlessly make it go away. Remember that minor changes often produce only minor benefits, but significant dietary changes will create significant benefits, ones you can enjoy for life. If you are also overweight (as 90% of Type 2 Diabetics are), expect a double benefit, since it is likely you will achieve a much healthier weight.

Our recommended plan for doing this is explained in Dr. Cohen's book Diabetes Recovery. It, with its accompanying cookbook, Cooking for the New Hippocratic Diet ® can bring the progression to diabetes to a halt and reverse its course. These can be obtained by clicking on the links just given. Following this plan should return a feeling of well-being and to put your health under your own control, all without anyone selling you special products, magic supplements, or unsavory artificial foods.

Should you exercise, too? Yes, if you can remember that moderate increases in activity are best for almost everyone, but rigorous programs that may harm you are not the answer. Exercise increases without dietary change rarely works. If you are losing weight, the right types of exercise should be ones that help correct limitations to your range of motion and posture.

Do you need medical supervision? It is always a good idea to let your personal physician know what you're doing. However, if you have not reached the point of taking diabetic medication, you will not need the close guidance that would otherwise be called for. Since you are likely to lose weight as you go, certain other medications, such as ones for hypertension, may have to be reduced as in time.

What can be more important is support. If you know other people or have several friends doing this at the same time, forming your own support network can be gratifying. It can provide you a circle of people that understand what you're doing and why, helping to shield you from influences that might pull you off course.

Our books provide detailed information and should be read before starting. Our online e-learning course can provide even more guidance. You can learn about it here.

If you are ready to start the course, click here to enroll now.

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** Diabetes is a serious disease. This website can not and is not intended to provide individual medical advice. If you are currently using any form of diabetic medication, significant dietary change may necessitate modification or discontinuation of your medication schedule. Contact us for an appointment or consult your qualified medical practitioner for individual direction and advice. **